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Having incredibly weird, vivid dreams while listening to the Soviet Kitsch album by Regina Spektor.  A few key points:

I am at a music store and there are two employees, both middle-aged women wearing too much make-up -- except one of them is normal, and the other is a functional disembodied head.  The solocranium starts to sing "Ode to Divorce" to prove her competence, but she sings for so long that it's awkward -- she's serenading me now, and it's weird, so her coworker tells her to go take a break.  The disembodied head doesn't go anywhere, not by floating ethereally away or rolling out of the door like a giant meatball, but she does stop trying to help me.

I am told it is socially acceptable for me to pick up this living bodiless organism to examine it, and I do.  The underside of her chin and jaw is perfectly flat, the skin is unrealistically delicate and papery thin, stretched taut over many blue veins.  I put her in the palm of my hand.  She is warm.

- I am at a carnival with only women.  Behind me, there is a morbidly dressed young girl with a hatchet, hacking away at a wall and yelling "Carbon Monoxide" lyrics.  I think she works for the carnival, and this is just a scare tactic, like in a "haunted house" at Halloween time.  I ignore her, but other women think she's rude for trying to frighten us, so we all start to sing over her haunting song.  We join together in a laughing, delightful rendition of "Ghost of Corporate Future."

-I get roped into playing what I think is a game of poker with three other women.  I don't know them, but my sister is overseeing the proceedings, so I feel okay to play even though I don't play poker very well.  Unfortunately, it's not poker.  They lay about two dozen cards in front of me, and when I flip them over, they are an unmatched assortment of Pokemon and Munchkin cards, and then some cards that just have cartoon characters printed on them.  I don't understand how to win this game, so I pick up a few of the cards, and I turn to the 'judges.'

"Okay.  So there's a pony" -- I hold up my pony card -- "fighting a unicorn" -- flash the unicorn card at them -- "who has a magic tie-dyed gecko riding on its back."  I am creating a funny, unlikely story from my bizarre collection of cards, because I don't know what else to do.  "And in walks a giant blue wizard-doctor."

They start to laugh.  I've won.  I wonder if that was the point the whole time, or if they didn't know it would be more fun to laugh than compete for poker chips.



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