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Let your heart be wounded...

... And give no mercy to your fear.

Her Adorable Marvelousness
2 March 1988
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My name is Naomi, and no, I will not moan for you. I am tall, pink, fluffy, and ambiguously endowed. For those of you who think sexual orientation is important, you'll find it extremely important that I am practically asexual. People will tell you that I have been having a steamy, passionate affair with the English language since my prepubescent years, but that is the beginning and end of any steaminess in my life.

Sarcasm is the only constant in my moods. On a good day, I am lighthearted, optimistic, witty, inspired, intelligent, and sarcastic. On a bad day, I am surly, apathetic, cold, withdrawn, and sarcastic. I can annoy you no matter which way I swing.

I have had this LiveJournal for about ten years. Nearly everyone on my Friends List has known me since Back in the Day, and many of them are from the RL. If you have not known me since Back in the Day, or you are not from the RL, here is what you can expect: I am no slacker when it comes to updating this thing. I may throw out humorous quotations, the occasional lyrics post, cut entries with photographs or webcomics, and random aphorisms, but most of my entries are about events in my life, and boy, do I ramble.

If you are offended by the LGBTerrific crowd, pretend racism, atheism, sexuality, bodily functions, profanity, or people who correct your spelling, you should probably skedaddle before your brain explodes.

Things to Avoid

Pretentious, bad poetry
Psychoanalyzing me
The Snuggle fabric softener bear
The following words: belly, moist, ointment, pregnant, and bulbous

My journal layout is called Her Fog, Her Amphetamine, and Her Pearls, and it is the extraordinary work of grrliz over at thefulcrum.